Uber | Self driving car | Technology fail

Uber | Self driving car | Technology fail

As we know that Uber has started the test for driver less car (taxi) services in USA. Recently, there was news that Uber’s new self driving car hits a woman crossing the street in USA; does it mean the new Technology of “Self Driving Car” is failed? or risky? Or needs to improve the safety?

New Technology is supposed to improve the system but there should be taken enough care of side effects of it. It was shocking news that a death caused by the self driving car, which was operated by Uber. The car was on autonomous mode with safety driver and there were no passengers, when this accident happened.

The chairman of NTSB, USA, informed to people that they should not over react, as there are lots of accidents happens and approximately 40,000 people die annually due to road accident. Well, this is also true. As a safety point of view, it’s also a duty of people who are pedestrians or driving on road to take care of rules and be alert while on road.

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Need to Improve

Anyway, but the accident has cleared one thing that the technology of Uber self driving car, still need to be improved and focus on ensuring the safety, Uber will do it, but till that Uber and we all have to wait for this new technology to be implant. But with the implementation of such technology there should be updates on rules and laws too.

There are many more companies other than Uber, who invested lots of money for this technology of Self Driving Car (Driverless Car). They have also claimed that such cars are more safe compare to human drive care.

Technology means collections of techniques and supposed to be used to help and solve real world problems. Change in technology impacts people either positively or may be negatively, too. If we talk about positive impacts, it can bring the revolution. Today, it has changed the way of social life.

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