Tips to prevent Smartphone from heating

Is your Smartphone getting heat during use?

Most of the Smartphone users complain that their Smartphone are getting heat during use. There is no cooling system in Smartphone as PC or laptop. While playing Games or using multiple apps at the same time, Smartphone are getting heat.

So, how can we solve the heating issue? Here we shall discuss about easy ways to cool down your Smartphone. The issue of overheating of Smartphone should not be ignored, as it can be harmful sometimes. You would have heard news about phone battery got blast and similar news.

You can find so many apps in Play store, which offers to cool your phone and also there are some apps which shows the temperature of your phone. So, you can install one of them by checking its reviews. Don’t forget to read reviews of other user, because it will help you to decide whether the app is really works fine or not?

Using above mentioned apps is ok, but better we should know some tips by which we can stop our phone to get heat. Below are some tips, which you can use to stop your phone by heating issue. There are so many reasons for overheating. The bad processor in the Smartphone may be also a reason for heating or the use of multiple apps at the same time can be overheating in the Smartphone. This problem can also occur if the user has kept his Smartphone in the sunlight for too long. Apart from this, Smartphone can be hot even if charging Smartphone with bad or duplicate chargers.

How to stop heating our phone?

Don’t use phone while charging it. Phone battery can get heat during charging. So, at the same time using the phone may increase the heat of the phone. In short avoid playing games, watching videos or using multiple apps during charging your phone. Most important, don’t sue duplicate or other phone’s charger. Use the original charger, which received with your Smartphone. Also don’t put your phone in charge for several times in a day.

If your phone is too old and it is getting overheat, then also try to change the battery. Don’t use duplicate battery. It can also be harmful.

Keeping internet data always on, active GPS, wifi and Bluetooth can also get your phone heat. And even these are not actually necessary to keep always active. Keeping GPS, wifi and Bluetooth can affect battery and generate heat. So avoid this.

One more reason of overheating of Smartphone is using multiple apps at the same time and also continuously use of Smartphone may also create heat, because more apps open means more load on processor and battery. So also try to avoid the same.

Don’t forget to clean your RAM periodically, turn off background apps and yes, also update your apps regularly. Also update your Smartphone’s OS, wherever it’s available. By updating apps and OS, we can stop bugs and virus affecting our phone.

I hope this Article will definitely help you to solve the overheating issue of your Smartphone. Still you have any problem regarding your Smartphone, please feel free to write in below comment box.

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