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Shop Online with Safety

The concept of Online Shopping started earlier in 1979. There are lots of plus points of Online Shopping as well negative too. For successful online shopping, we need to take care of few things, which also we will discuss in this post.

Plus Points:

  • We can shop any time during our convenience time. Means no need to wait to open the shop. Available 24 hrs. Just sit at home and enjoy shopping – No traffic – No Parking – No Travelling.
  • The best part of online shopping is Price Comparison. So, you can compare the price of the product before buying from different websites.
  • You can buy multiple products at the same time at one place while shopping online.
  • The choice to return or replace the product. Suppose you received wrong product, you can always return or replace the same.(Subject to Company Policy)

Negative Point:

  • The most unlike thing of Online Shopping is that, we cannot touch or see and check the product. We just have to decide by seeing it on the screen. Especially for clothes, we cannot take trial as we normally do in shopping malls.
  • Second one is waiting period. On Online shopping, you have to wait for few days after placing the order online.
  • Duplicate or fake products.

Nowadays people consider online option for shopping because, it is time saving. But online shopping is not as easy as it seems. There are certain things to be take care since placing new order to receiving the product.

Before Placing New Order:

  • Check product reviews. Yes, most of the online websites shows the user reviews of the products, so we can know some more details of the same. Users who already bought the product, share their experiences, like how is the product, how’s the quality and more.
  • You can also check the reviews of same products on different website or you can always Google to find out more details of the product.
  • Compare the price. Check the price of the product on different website before placing the order. There are lots of price comparison website also available, where you can compare the price of different website’s price at one place.
  • Check shipping charges.

Check website reviews:

  • Check website review. If you are trying to buy from unknown Online Shopping website, then you must check the reviews of the website. Also check the return policy of particular website, so you should be aware that the product you are buying is refundable/ replaceable or not?
  • To check reviews of Online Shopping Portal, you can take help of Google Search. Just type in search box: e. “reviews of” and you will get the results.
  • Now once you have decided to purchase particular product, then at the time of submit the order, select COD (Cash On Delivery), if available. The benefit of COD is, no need to pay online, so you can keep secure your banks, credit or debit card details.

At the time of receiving the Product:

  • When your product arrives, don’t open the parcel immediately. First start video recording during opening the parcel, so if something went wrong you can claim it with proof. Companies like amazon, Flipkart or other welknown companies really don’t want to cheat their customers but such game is played in middle. Like suppliers or sometimes courier people replace the original product. Sometimes we may have got such news.
  • Return or Replace. If the product is not as per you expectations then you can return the same. Due to size problem, colour issue or else.

So, friends Happy and Safe Online Shopping. If you really like the post then please Share it, so others can also aware during Online Shopping.

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