Create Wi-Fi Hotspot: Mobile, Laptop & computer

One for All

As we all know, day by day we are entering our steps towards Digital India. And as a part, Internet is most important technology. So in such scenario we all should have Internet connection. Now a day’s most of the telecom companies are giving cheap and attractive internet packages to their subscribers.

We all have internet in our mobile, but as per new technology world, our family members also need internet for their personal, official or study purpose. So, if we buy internet for all, it will cost lots of money. Now imagine, what if all family members can use internet from only one connection?

So, the solution is Wi-Fi Hotspot. Yes, here we will learn how to make Wi-Fi hotspot from one internet connection for all. How to create hotspot on Mobile, Laptop or PC.

In market, there are some wifi devices available for the same purpose, like JioFi, Airtel Hotspot and more. But the below solution is for those, who already have internet and don’t want to spend extra money to use Wi-Fi Hotspot. If you are among them, then please keep on reading.

Create Hotspot on Mobile:

At first, go to your mobile settings option and select “Wireless Network” then select “More Option”, here you should find option called “Tethering and portable hotspot”. Click this option. (These options can vary for different devices).

Now you need to give Hotspot name and password. By default there will be name and password, but that you can change. (Password must be at least 8 characters long). Now save the same and it’s done. Now your Wi-Fi hotspot is active and anyone who has password can connect it and start using internet. You can share hotspot password with your family and friends. And they can also start using the same internet connection.

Create Hotspot on Laptop & PC:

If your windows PC have internet and Wi-Fi device attached, then you can also create hotspot on PC. To make hotspot, you can download applications like Connectify Hotspot, MyPublicWiFi, mHotspot, etc. for windows. Just download and install any one on your PC. Open the application, here also you just need to follow some easy steps – Hotspot name and password and select your current internet connection. Just save it and click on Start Hotspot. In some applications, you may need to right tick the option “Enable Internet Sharing”. That’s it. Similarly, anyone can use this hotspot, having the password.

In same way you can also create Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop also.

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