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Friends List on Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. According to a survey, average every active user spends more than 25 minutes on Facebook in a day. We share almost everything which is related to our daily life style on FB.

Using Facebook is not an issue, but it needs to take care of our privacy also. We may not want to see our details or photos to all. So in FB settings there are some features by which we can set, who can tag us, who can see our post or photo and who can send friend request, etc.

For the privacy purpose we want that no one can see who are in our FB friend list. So let’s see how we can hide our FB friend list for everyone or to set only selected can see.

Let’s Begin

Ok, so at first you need to login in your Facebook account and go to your profile page.  Then click on tab “Friends” and select “edit” and then click “edit privacy”..See below screenshot.

Now a new popup window will appear. Here you will see at first Friend List, on the right you will see a button “Public”, click on it and then a drop-down menu will appear. Here you can select how your friend list should appear in your Facebook account. You can select from the options like – Public, Friends, Only me or Custom.  After selecting your choice click on “Done”.  See below screenshot.

That’s it. We have all done! Now your friends list cannot be seen by everyone on Facebook.

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