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In today’s technology world, WhatsApp is a part our daily routine. Almost all are using WhatsApp, who have smart phone. But most of them don’t know about some features of WhatsApp. Today we will learn one of the features of it.

As the heading of the post saying “Chat on WhatsApp without going Online”, yes you can chat on WhatsApp without coming online. You don’t need to open WhatsApp application on your Smart phone to send the message. So keep on reading how you can do this.

There is a feature on almost all android phone have Google Search option. Just open Google Search and you will see a search box. Now type “Send WhatsApp message to ‘NAME OF CONTACT’” OR you can speak and it will type in the search box. Name of contact means the name that you want to send WhatsApp message. Then a window will appear on your screen with the same contact name, which you type in the Google Search box.

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Now you have to click on contact and type the message which you want to send in below of the contact and click on send. The message will be delivered to that contact, but your last seen time will not change, it will remain as it was last.

I hope you will be happy to know this hidden feature of WhatsApp of sending message without going online. If you like this post, please share it with your friends. If you get any trouble using this feature, you can always contact us or you can also write details in below comment box.

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