BHIM: The perfect Cashless Solution

As we all know that cash transactions in banks are difficult and costly too. Most of the Banks have started collecting charges to deposit cash above certain amount. After the demonetization, BHIM App has been launched by the Government of India for Online Transaction. With this App, you can easily do your Bank transactions.

BHIM App will also use less space for your mobile than other App.

Yes, as most of the apps like BHIM are using more space in your smart phone, but BHIM is only of 6MB. So even if you have low ended mobile, you can still install and use it. Full form of BHIM is Bharat Interface for Money.

Now the question is: Why should I use BHIM?

Below are some features of BHIM:

  • Access all bank accounts in one app
  • Pay to friends & relatives using their mobile number. (Provided they are on BHIM/UPI)
  • Pay to any user using any UPI application.
  • Shop online and checkout using “Pay by UPI/BHIM” for a quick and seamless experience.
  • Request money from any UPI user.
  • Scan a QR and pay on the fly.
  • Check account balance and pay via Aadhaar number.
  • Supports more than 12 Indian Languages.
  • Transaction limit is Rs.40, 000/-

Requirements to activate and use BHIM

So before you register on this app, you need below requirements:

  1. ATM or Debit card of your Bank Account
  2. Your mobile number must be linked with your Bank account
  3. Your registered number must be in the same mobile, in which you will use BHIM
  4. Your Bank account should be registered for Mobile or Net Banking.

How to Install and Use?

First go to Google Play Store, then search for BHIM. You will see the results. Click on install. You can also use this link: After installation, launch the BHIM app and select your preferred language and click on “Next”. In next window click on “LET’S GET STARTED”. Now here you need to be careful, in this section you have to select the SIM (If double SIM mobile), select mobile number which is registered with your Bank Account.

Once all above done, the app will send a verification message and you will see a window saying that “Mobile Verified”. Now you need to setup a PIN (As we use ATM PIN). That’s all, now you can start using BHIM app for all your Bank transactions at your fingertip.

Your mobile number is your Payment address. You can now send or receive money and also check your Bank account balance. You can also create a custom Digital Payment Address with your business name or your name or any other.

I hope now you will be able to use BHIM app, if you have any problem using this app, you can always comments below, I will surely reply your queries.

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