Beware of Fake Facebook ID

Most of us, who have smart phone, are using Facebook. And sometimes we receive friend request from unknown person. But do you know it can be harmful to accept such unknown friend request, sometimes. So what should we do and how to identify fake Facebook users?

In today’s post we will know why fake Facebook id is harmful, how can we inform Facebook about this fake Ids and how to check whether it is fake or not? So keep on reading.

Why fake Facebook id is harmful

As per reports on internet 20 to 30% Facebook accounts are with fake ID. It can be more too. These fake Facebook accounts are created to spread spam and virus. Some people create fake girls profile. Facebook can’t identify such fake accounts directly, but someone needs to block the same and report it as a fake account to Facebook.

Fake accounts can try to make contacts with innocent people on Facebook and then they try to hack our details like – Pictures, profile, contact, etc. And they may misuse these details for any bad reason.

So, think and check before accepting friend request from unknown person.

Inform Facebook about this fake Ids

If you find any Facebook account as fake, you should inform and report such accounts as fake to Facebook, because by doing this you are helping other genuine Facebook users too.

Below Solution is provided by Facebook Help Center:

“A fake account is an account where someone is pretending to be something or someone that doesn’t exist. Fake accounts can include accounts for fake or made up people, pets, celebrities or organizations. To report a fake account:

Go to the profile of the fake account

If you can’t find it, try searching for the name used on the profile or asking your friends if they can send you a link to it.

Click on the cover photo and select Report

Follow the on-screen instructions for fake accounts to file a report

If an account is pretending to be you or someone you know, you can learn how to report it for impersonation.”


Check below screen shots for easiest way to report fake account. Just open that profile page and click settings and then click on “Report”. See below screen shot.

Now, one popup window will appear, here you have to select “Report this profile” and the click on continue.

Now it will ask for 3 options – 1. Submit to Facebook for Review, 2. Block “xxxxx” and 3. Hide all from “xxxxx”. Now select 1st option “Submit to Facebook for Review”, and click.

That’s done. Now Facebook will review that profile and once it confirmed as fake account, it will be blocked and deleted by Facebook.

How to check whether it is fake or not

So, before we report Facebook about fake profile, we need to know how to identify. Whenever you receive any friend request, just ask a question that why and what make him or her want to be a friend? How did he or she find about me? Here you need to behave like a “Gopichand Jasoos”. It’s seems funny, isn’t it?

Check the profile of that person, who sent a friend request. Also check profile pics and other photos, if available. Google has a one best tool, which can search anything by photo. So use this tool at and upload or provide URL of the picture and click search. Now you will see more details about that photo. Also you can search by searching by name of that person on Google Search.

Also check, is there any mutual friends are there in the profile of that person? If you find one or more mutual friends, then you can ask those common friends about this person and take the right decision.

Still you cannot decide or not sure about the person, just block it instead of reporting it to Facebook.

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