‪‪Let’s talk about different web browsers: Google Chrome, ‪Mozilla Firefox, ‪‪Internet Explorer, ‪Microsoft Edge

‪‪Let’s talk about different web browsers: Google Chrome, ‪Mozilla Firefox, ‪‪Internet Explorer, ‪Microsoft Edge

We all use internet everyday for different purposes, either for business purpose or for knowledge purpose. We need to open different websites as per our interest or need, as we always use Google for search anything on net. So we open browser in our Smartphone or PC to access websites. But do you know that there are so many browsers available for both Mobile and PC.

Today we will talk about some famous and most used web browsers and their features and uses. In this article I have covered Google Chrome, ‪Mozilla Firefox, ‪‪Internet Explorer and ‪Microsoft Edge. So let’s begin one by one.

Google Chrome

I assume that we all are familiar with this name. Google Chrome is always pre installed in almost all Android phones, as Android OS is also a product of Google.

Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google. It was first launched in 2008 and today it is available to use with most of the platforms like android, iOS, Mac, Linux and MS Windows. Google Chrome is very easy to use and also user friendly web browser and also used by most of the internet users.

While using Google Chrome, we should always use the latest version, because it protects our system from latest malware or virus from the internet. Google is always keep updating. Google Chrome is not just a browser to surf internet, but there is lot more. There is a Chrome Store from where we can install different types of extensions within the browser and can be used for different purposes. You can read more about “Do you know “Google Chrome Extensions”? The Best Part of Google Chrome Browser”.

Mozilla Firefox

Another famous and mostly used web browser is Mozilla Firefox. Most of us might know about it. Mozilla Firefox is also a free and open source web browser. It was developed by Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox also can be installed in different OS like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

Mozilla Firefox is a good web browser, which is light and faster page loading that uses less computer memory. It is also a competitor of Chrome, as it is also becoming more popular. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is Firefox Quantum, which is faster than Mozilla Firefox as claimed by Mozilla.

Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox can be also customized with thousands of extensions. Most of the extensions are similar.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is very old web browser as it was launched in 1995 and developed by Microsoft. People who has used internet in earlier days of internet, should have used Internet Explorer as there was the only web browser available during that era.

But today Internet Explorer is also updating as per current users experience and also try to be user friendly as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But as per my personal experience Internet Explorer is still seems outdated or nor really smooth and user friendly. Please note it’s my personal opinion. But so many of might be using Internet Explorer as their regular web browser. It has also different versions for different platform like MS Windows, Android and windows mobile.

‪‪Let’s talk about different web browsers, Google Chrome, ‪Mozilla Firefox, ‪‪Internet Explorer, ‪Microsoft Edge, Cortana – a virtual personal assistant, Microsoft

Microsoft Edge

This is improved and new but different version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is also developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Edge is faster and safe. It also claims that it uses very less battery power to operate. The browser Microsoft Edge come pre installed with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One OS. So ultimately Microsoft Edge is a replacement of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is smaller in size and with more features. The best part of Microsoft Edge is Cortana – a virtual personal assistant.

So, this not just the end of the article “Let’s talk about different web browsers: Google Chrome, ‪Mozilla Firefox, ‪‪Internet Explorer, ‪Microsoft Edge”. There are lots of different web browsers for different platforms.  There are lot more to know and we shall cover in next article soon.

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